Political Compass 2010

October 7th, 2010

In keeping with one of my annual traditions, here’s this year’s Political Compass result:

Economic Left/Right: -5.12, Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.54

I’m slightly less liberal and a little bit more libertarian than I was last year.

RPI Cherry and White Scrimmage

October 4th, 2010

Full gallery located at http://photos.cuttlefishtech.com/gallery.php?dir=cherry-10-2, highlights and captions below!

1. Senior forward Bryan Brutlag (#4)

2. Sophomore defenseman Nick Bailen (#29)


Current Supplies

April 12th, 2010

The postering ban is lifted in 2 hours. Let’s see what I have in stock!

  • 11 O REILLY Owls – Deployed in the DCC/CII Walkway
  • 3 YA REILLY Owls – Deployed in the DCC/CII Walkway
  • 2 O/YA REILLY Combos – Deployed in the DCC
  • 12 2 Vector Imitations (10 Union stamped) – Deployed in the Union
  • 3 Clean and Green – Deployed in the DCC
  • 5 4 RHAM – One deployed by Java++
  • 7 RNE Imitations – Deployed in my room

I’m definitely going to print more Piggies. The RNE imitations probably won’t go out as they have improper times listed (and most of the signs they imitate are gone). I might try to expand my use of the Clean and Green signs on recycling bins.

Om Nom Nomination Tracker

April 8th, 2010

Nominations are due at 3:00 PM on Saturday! 125 nominations required for Senator positions.


2010 Campaign, Day 8

March 23rd, 2010

Today’s plans were more or less awash thanks to the relentless rains that battered campus. If things clear up tomorrow I’ll end up replacing my war torn posters with fresh models to keep campus looking classy. I also have three new designs that I’ll be rolling out shortly, including some 11×17″ color prints featuring an original design (a campaign first!).

There was a major election development today; Incumbents Jay Walker and Joe Young turned in their Candidacy Forms to bring the total field of 2012 Senator Candidates to five (the others are Lee Sharma and Phil Sarid). I am now the only first-time candidate in the field. This has changed my campaign timeline a bit.

Here’s a list of signs I’ve rolled out thus far:

SN#2010001 – Vote Victor – Retired from Union 3/16

SN#2010002bw – Coincidentally 2012 Senator as well – In Use (Union, CII, JEC, DCC)

SN#2010002co – Coincidentally 2012 Senator as well (color variant) – Limited Use (Polytech)

SN#2010003 – This Little Piggy – In Use (DCC Great Hall), retired from Union 3/22

SN#2010004 – Thank you for Reilly Hamilton – Limited Use (Union)

SN#2010005 – RPI PATRIOT. RIOT. – Limited Release (Concerto)

SN#2010006 – RHAM – In Use (CII, JEC, Notification Boards)

SN#2010007 – Clean & Green – Retired from Union 3/22

SN#2010008a – O REILLY? – Limited Release (Polytech) – pictured on the left
SN#2010008b – YA REILLY – Limited Release (Polytech) – pictured on the right

SN#2010008ab – O REILLY?/YA REILLY – Unreleased, may never be released pending decision of RNE chair

The following signs are unpictured. They’ll most likely be in tomorrow’s gallery update.

SN#2010008b* – YA REILLY* – Unreleased, waiting for the rain to abate
SN#2010008ab* – O REILLY?/YA REILLY* – Limited Release (Concerto)
SN#2010009 – [Redacted] – Unreleased, waiting for the rain to abate
SN#2010010 – [Redacted] – Unreleased, waiting for the rain to abate

There’s a bit of confusion on the SN#2010008 series due to the fact that the sign can be split apart or posted together (denoted by a, b, and ab SNs) and a last minute modification that was requested by the RNE chair (denoted by an asterisk). I haven’t printed any * series signs yet, however an ab* is up on Concerto. Should the RNE chair allow me to use the original, unaltered signs, the ab series will most likely be posted on the CII/DCC/JEC windows, whereas the a and b series will be posted outdoors on the columns. If I have to modify the b and ab series signs, they may morph in to bs* and abs*, creating even more unique serieal numbers…

Lastly, here’s RNE Chair Haris Khan’s computer after I removed SN#2010003 and SN#20100007 from the Union.

Found: 20 Captionless O RLY and YA RLY Owls

March 23rd, 2010

Due to an error in the print room, I now have in my possession 20 captionless O RLY and YA RLY Birds. These Birds were printed on a Xerox Phaser 7750 and were graded as being mint quality by an Image Macro specialist. The lack of captions on these Birds makes them prime candidates for propagating old and new memes alike.

Any parties interested in accquiring ownership of any or all of these birds should email me at cuttlefish@cuttlefishtech.com.

2010 Campaign, Day 4

March 18th, 2010

Today I introduced a new workhorse sign to supplement my Vector party ripoff signs. The new signs are derived from some of WRPI’s signs, which I quite enjoy. I deployed 13 of the signs in new, distinct locations around campus. Since room is getting scarce on some of the Campus Notification boards, I put one of my posters underneath a poster that is so to be taken down, reserving my spot for the rest of the campaign.

2010 Campaign, Day 3

March 17th, 2010

My signs are sporting a new look after it was decided that the “Victor” logo on my previous set of signs infringed on the copyrights of others and was quite confusing to the general public. My “workhorse” signs now sport the official Reilly Hamilton for 2012 Senator logo and a disclaimer explaining that I am unaffiliated with the Vector party. A color version exists solely on my door.

I’ve expanded my coverage area outside of the Student Union; you can now find my primary Reilly Hamilton signs on the JEC and CII. I don’t believe any ended up on the DCC, something which I may correct tomorrow. I’m trying to avoid saturating the campus with my signs; my signs are currently positioned such that it is not possible to see any two of my signs at the same time. I’ve realized rather early that the key to a successful late-stage campaign is real estate. Once a sign is up, it is against the RNE Handbook for anyone else to take it down. I hope to seize more signage areas tomorrow to allow for a more flavorful campaign later in the election season.

I’m also starting my first wave of niche advertising, this time I’m appealing to those who use Hand Sanitizer; a demographic often forgotten about during the campaign process. I will ensure that those still terrified of H1N1 will have a say in student government. I’m also jumping on the Non-Smoking bandwagon with one of my Union based signs; however this is a pilot project limited only to a single sign in the Union lobby.

Reilly Hamilton for 2012 Senator has also gone digital! I snapped a picture of my sign appearing on the Concerto screen in the Student Government Suite this afternoon. Unfortunately, the Student Elections feed on Concerto only appears on a select few screens. Hopefully the feed will appear on a couple more high-traffic feeds (Commons and Sage, especially) as the election season matures.

2010 Campaign, Day 1

March 15th, 2010

Campaign season for the 2010 GM Week Elections began today. The Vector party was quick to smother the campus with far too many posters. My campaign for 2012 Senator began on a much smaller scale in the Student Union and surrounding area.

Please note that I am completely unaffiliated with the Vector party; my campaign signs are meant to parody their signs and bring a bit of levity to the campaign process.

RPI TV Hockey Titles

November 25th, 2009

Last year, I wrote a PHP, GD, and MYSQL powered hockey title generator. It reads data from a MYSQL database containing player info and stats, pulls logos and portraits from my hard drive, and spits out a .tga file that’s ready to be loaded into our video switcher’s title memory. I’ve been making constant improvements ever since.

Coming in to the 2009-2010 Hockey Season, I decided to give the RPI TV Hockey Titles a makeover. Sure, they looked a lot better, but the 45-degree-rotated-right-angle look didn’t match with the rest of the RPI TV titles. I also made the switch from Franklin Gothic Demi Cond font to Gotham Bold, which had readability improvements but created space issues.

So now, I’ve gone back and combined elements of the 2009 titles with the 2008 style edges-with-a-slope-of-2 and white-gradient-fading-upward design into one glorious bastard child. Gotham Bold goes on a diet to become Gotham Narrow Bold. Font size increases due to the new found horizontal space.

Here’s all the various iterations of my PHP-generated titles below.

2008 version (160 pixels tall, takes up twice as much memory in the video mixer’s memory):

2009 Rev 00:

2009 Rev 01