2010 Campaign, Day 4

Today I introduced a new workhorse sign to supplement my Vector party ripoff signs. The new signs are derived from some of WRPI’s signs, which I quite enjoy. I deployed 13 of the signs in new, distinct locations around campus. Since room is getting scarce on some of the Campus Notification boards, I put one of my posters underneath a poster that is so to be taken down, reserving my spot for the rest of the campaign.

3 Responses to “2010 Campaign, Day 4”

  1. Brian M Says:

    Might I suggest the installation of a WordPress plugin to show these sort of photos in a lightbox or similar style? It would enable me to view > 1 before getting frustrated and leaving your website.

  2. cuttlefish Says:

    That’s interesting, Brian; I can’t stand lightbox and would much rather to click through to the full size pictures.

  3. Kyle Says:

    If space does become very scarce, I would recommend becoming very familiar with the sign policy, and remove any sign that does violate the policy, thereby freeing up space. There are a number of things that can be used to remove nearly any sign.

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