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Vitamin Water 10: My New Weapon of Choice

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Vitamin Water 10 EnergyI was more-or-less dependent on Vitamin Water Energy for the entirety of my first semester at RPI. As the second semester began, however, Energy’s guarana-derived caffeine began having less and less of an effect on me. This was not good for productivity!

Luckily, the folks at Glaceau, Coca-Cola, and Truvia have come up with a new solution!

I first discovered Vitamin Water 10 when flying home for spring break from Albany. Vitamin Water 10 is “naturally” sweetened with Truvia, a stevia based product derived from some exotic South/Central American plant. The result is amazing! Energy 10 has a much stronger flavor than the old Energy. It tastes like it has 10x more sugar. This Truvia stuff is pretty good. Not only does it taste better, but each serving is reduced to 10 calories from 50.

The Truvia sweetened Vitamin Water seems to have an even stronger kick than the old fructose based stuff. Once again, I’m able to stay up for hours on end, creating awkward sleep cycles.

Thanks to Glaceau, Coca-Cola, and Truvia for enabling my bad sleeping habits!