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New Host (finally)

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Cuttlefishtech is finally up and running on Dreamhost. I genuinely haven’t had time (or had forgotten) to set everything back up. First, in mid September, I forgot that you actually have to move files around when you change webhosts. I purchased two years of Dreamhost in late August, and my IXWebHosting ran out in mid September. I completely forgot to download my files off IX, so I renewed for one month to grab everything. Things grabbed, I then procrastinated sending them back up to DreamHost. When IX ran out again in mid October, I switched “important” things like my email address and my Mom’s web site over immediately, but it wasn’t until earlier this evening that I bothered to finish the job. And the job probably isn’t even finished, surely there will be odds and ends everywhere that are still broken.

One of the main reasons I jumped ship from IX was the fact that I didn’t have fucking PHP5 support. It’s 2011. Who the hell doesn’t have PHP5 support in 2011? As it turns out, IXWebHosting doesn’t. Now, we’re running the newest and greatest WordPress 3.2.1 (at some point, PHP5 was required). I also went with Dreamhost as they claim to have some sort of Rails support. I haven’t poked around with it yet (I’m not convinced a shared host can actually do a decent job at providing Rails hosting), but eventually (within 3 months) this site will be either running Rails or extremely overhauled and reskinned. It’s about time for me to put together my Portfolio / Professional site. Of course, a redesign will be met with the same, normal, 3-5 day period of daily posts followed by a year-long abyss. finally realizes 2008 election is over!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

This blog has been sporting Obama ’08 logos in the header since January 25th 2008, when my favorite buddy Kucinich dropped out. Smaller Biden text was added on August 23rd, when he was announced as the VP candidate.

Old Obama Header

Given that the election occurred on November 2nd, and Obama was inaugurated in January, it’s well passed time to revert to the old, non-political header. The Obama header is being preserved, however, for 2012 purposes.

WordPress Updated

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

I’m now running version 2.7.1! Woohoo!

While the site looks the same, the admin pages are quite different.

EDIT: The Database update appears to have messed up all apostrophes and some other elements of punctuation in my previous posts… grumble…

Editor’s Note: All broken punctuation should be fixed!

Going Personal

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Since its inception has remained more of an impersonal space, a place to talk about my interests, to share wacky stuff I’ve done, and to regurgitate internet links.

Apart from, I’ve been blogging away on more personal matters anonymously on another site. Recently, I’ve decided that it may not be entirely necessary to keep that site anonymous. Most of it is fit for the general public, and I don’t mind my name being attached to it. It was original intended for me as an escape, a place to share feelings I hadn’t yet made public. However, as I have made said feelings public, it no longer seems necessary to hide in anonymity.

I’ve also been inspired by the content of some of my peers’ blogs, Brian Michalski and Marc Ebuna.

I’m going to investigate merging articles from this other site onto this blog. I think I can “go back in time” and fix dates to make everything fit a normal timeline.

Additionally, I hope to once again rekindle my blogging spirit and post more frequent updates. If it’s anything like the past couple rekindlings, it’ll result in a spurt of posts for a week or so, then months of silence. I’ll attempt to avoid that.

Things I’m crossposting will be tagged with the category “X-Posted” and almost certainly “Personal“.

Editor’s Note: I just finished going through and cross-posting everything. Roughly 40 articles (from the 80 or so on that blog) were carried over. Some censoring took place. Check the X-Posted category.

Blog Software Updated

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Well, I finally got around to updating WordPress, the blog was almost 2.5 years out of date! We’re now running WordPress 2.6.1, as opposed to the old 2.0.6. I’m going to probably start posting more often again, as I’m college and finding myself with more free time.

New CuttlefishTech Intro

Friday, February 8th, 2008

First, Here’s the old one, where a group of cuttlefish circle an ancient medallion lying on the sea floor.

And here’s the new one where a cuttlefish swims through a reef, passing over some mysterious glinting pieces of metal in the sand.

New site coming!

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

I just registered the domain name

It will be filled with anything but credible sources.

My first task is to make it look like a site that would have credible sources, then add things that certaintly aren’t credible sources.

One of my first plans is to upload my 1300+ picture lolcat gallery.


Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

I’m in debt and need some cash, so here’s a list of items I’m considering for sale:

Dell Dimension XPS Gen 2 (P4, 3ghz, 1 gig ram, 9800XT, 120gigs HD) + CRT – $300 OBO
Olympus DS-30 Digital Voice Recorder (Like New) – $60 ($110 on Amazon)
Logitech Blue MX510 Mouse – $15
FM Car Adapator suitable for any MP3 Player – $15 (2 available)
100w Power Inverters for Car use – $15 (3 available)
12v 18ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery – $30 (3 available)
500W 2000 RPM 36v Electric Motor – $30
512mb iPod Shuffle – $15
17″ Samsung LCD monitor (dying stand) – $100 OBO
IBM Thinkpad T23 Motherboard – $60
Palm Zire PDA – $15
HP Professional Stereo Headset (with cool Bass effect) – $15
Grado SR-60 Premium Headphones – $30
Blue Binary Clock – $15
WoW account with Level 60 gnome mage (no TBC)- $50

I’ll add stuff as I think of more.

New things

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

This blog should really be more blogish, so I’m going to try to do a post a day with various news and stuff from now on!

Back in Business?

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Well, I moved web hosts two days ago, and it took a while for the DNS to transfer the domain.

Now, it finally seems like stuff is starting to work!

Looks like some of the blog stuff didn’t transfer correctly, so I’m looking for broken things still. If you notice anything broken, let me know!