Going Personal

Since its inception cuttlefishtech.com has remained more of an impersonal space, a place to talk about my interests, to share wacky stuff I’ve done, and to regurgitate internet links.

Apart from cuttlefishtech.com, I’ve been blogging away on more personal matters anonymously on another site. Recently, I’ve decided that it may not be entirely necessary to keep that site anonymous. Most of it is fit for the general public, and I don’t mind my name being attached to it. It was original intended for me as an escape, a place to share feelings I hadn’t yet made public. However, as I have made said feelings public, it no longer seems necessary to hide in anonymity.

I’ve also been inspired by the content of some of my peers’ blogs, Brian Michalski and Marc Ebuna.

I’m going to investigate merging articles from this other site onto this blog. I think I can “go back in time” and fix dates to make everything fit a normal timeline.

Additionally, I hope to once again rekindle my blogging spirit and post more frequent updates. If it’s anything like the past couple rekindlings, it’ll result in a spurt of posts for a week or so, then months of silence. I’ll attempt to avoid that.

Things I’m crossposting will be tagged with the category “X-Posted” and almost certainly “Personal“.

Editor’s Note: I just finished going through and cross-posting everything. Roughly 40 articles (from the 80 or so on that blog) were carried over. Some censoring took place. Check the X-Posted category.

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