WordPress Updated

I’m now running version 2.7.1! Woohoo!

While the site looks the same, the admin pages are quite different.

EDIT: The Database update appears to have messed up all apostrophes and some other elements of punctuation in my previous posts… grumble…

Editor’s Note: All broken punctuation should be fixed!

4 Responses to “WordPress Updated”

  1. Jeff Says:

    There’s quite some resource linking fail when it’s not the homepage though.

  2. cuttlefish Says:

    Yep, not sure what that is yet. I just switched over to the /name-of-post/ style of link, and that appears to have not been received well by some element of the CSS.

  3. cuttlefish Says:

    Relative link fail.

  4. cuttlefish Says:

    All fixed.

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