New Host (finally)

Cuttlefishtech is finally up and running on Dreamhost. I genuinely haven’t had time (or had forgotten) to set everything back up. First, in mid September, I forgot that you actually have to move files around when you change webhosts. I purchased two years of Dreamhost in late August, and my IXWebHosting ran out in mid September. I completely forgot to download my files off IX, so I renewed for one month to grab everything. Things grabbed, I then procrastinated sending them back up to DreamHost. When IX ran out again in mid October, I switched “important” things like my email address and my Mom’s web site over immediately, but it wasn’t until earlier this evening that I bothered to finish the job. And the job probably isn’t even finished, surely there will be odds and ends everywhere that are still broken.

One of the main reasons I jumped ship from IX was the fact that I didn’t have fucking PHP5 support. It’s 2011. Who the hell doesn’t have PHP5 support in 2011? As it turns out, IXWebHosting doesn’t. Now, we’re running the newest and greatest WordPress 3.2.1 (at some point, PHP5 was required). I also went with Dreamhost as they claim to have some sort of Rails support. I haven’t poked around with it yet (I’m not convinced a shared host can actually do a decent job at providing Rails hosting), but eventually (within 3 months) this site will be either running Rails or extremely overhauled and reskinned. It’s about time for me to put together my Portfolio / Professional site. Of course, a redesign will be met with the same, normal, 3-5 day period of daily posts followed by a year-long abyss.

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