2010 Campaign, Day 3

My signs are sporting a new look after it was decided that the “Victor” logo on my previous set of signs infringed on the copyrights of others and was quite confusing to the general public. My “workhorse” signs now sport the official Reilly Hamilton for 2012 Senator logo and a disclaimer explaining that I am unaffiliated with the Vector party. A color version exists solely on my door.

I’ve expanded my coverage area outside of the Student Union; you can now find my primary Reilly Hamilton signs on the JEC and CII. I don’t believe any ended up on the DCC, something which I may correct tomorrow. I’m trying to avoid saturating the campus with my signs; my signs are currently positioned such that it is not possible to see any two of my signs at the same time. I’ve realized rather early that the key to a successful late-stage campaign is real estate. Once a sign is up, it is against the RNE Handbook for anyone else to take it down. I hope to seize more signage areas tomorrow to allow for a more flavorful campaign later in the election season.

I’m also starting my first wave of niche advertising, this time I’m appealing to those who use Hand Sanitizer; a demographic often forgotten about during the campaign process. I will ensure that those still terrified of H1N1 will have a say in student government. I’m also jumping on the Non-Smoking bandwagon with one of my Union based signs; however this is a pilot project limited only to a single sign in the Union lobby.

Reilly Hamilton for 2012 Senator has also gone digital! I snapped a picture of my sign appearing on the Concerto screen in the Student Government Suite this afternoon. Unfortunately, the Student Elections feed on Concerto only appears on a select few screens. Hopefully the feed will appear on a couple more high-traffic feeds (Commons and Sage, especially) as the election season matures.

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  1. Brian M Says:

    Don’t hold your breath for the Student Elections feed to appear in a dining hall. Campaigning is not allowed in those locations, and the Rules and Elections Committee would probably have to make a decision to permit Concerto campaigning in those locations should Sodexo desire a subscription to that feed.

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