Archives: April, 2010

Current Supplies

Monday, April 12th, 2010

The postering ban is lifted in 2 hours. Let’s see what I have in stock!

  • 11 O REILLY Owls – Deployed in the DCC/CII Walkway
  • 3 YA REILLY Owls – Deployed in the DCC/CII Walkway
  • 2 O/YA REILLY Combos – Deployed in the DCC
  • 12 2 Vector Imitations (10 Union stamped) – Deployed in the Union
  • 3 Clean and Green – Deployed in the DCC
  • 5 4 RHAM – One deployed by Java++
  • 7 RNE Imitations – Deployed in my room

I’m definitely going to print more Piggies. The RNE imitations probably won’t go out as they have improper times listed (and most of the signs they imitate are gone). I might try to expand my use of the Clean and Green signs on recycling bins.

Om Nom Nomination Tracker

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Nominations are due at 3:00 PM on Saturday! 125 nominations required for Senator positions.