Fall 2009 Schedule

I registered today, after the Health Office finally decided my paperwork was legit and cleared my hold.

8:00 classes across the board, woohoo!!

On the bright side, I’m done by 12:00 every day! And, I suppose this allows for easy all-nighters.

3 Responses to “Fall 2009 Schedule”

  1. Nolan Says:

    Hey Reilly, glad to hear you’re doing better. If RPI’s Operating Systems is anything like CMU’s Operating Systems, that looks like a very tough semester (especially the 8:00 part)!

    BTW, did IB count for anything at RPI? It looks like you’re done with math requirements…


  2. Joe Says:

    w00t, I’m in mod-comp and OS too… That’s awesome!

  3. cuttlefish Says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard that OpSys is pretty hard… I’m looking forward to the 8:00 classes, it’ll force good habits! And being done by 12 every day sounds great.

    I ended up with 16 credits from IB: 8 for Physics, 4 for English, and 4 for History. Pretty good deal, especially for physics.

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