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Sunday, April 5th, 2009

I’ve finally started my first personal programming project at RPI. That is, something I’m doing on my own time, something that’s useful, and something that’s fun.

I’m calling my first project Stupichat. It’s a (very) lightweight command-line based chatroom supporting multiple clients, supported by a central server. Things got off to a good start; in just a couple hours I’m able to support multiple clients communicating with my server.

I figure a programming project is a good reason to go to classes and pretend to listen. Perhaps I’ll be in DSA tomorrow!

Lottery Results (Live Updates)

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Meta Stats
Currently Serving: All Numbers
Last Update Time: 6:14 PM

Poly Stats
Polytechs Still Available: 6 suites
Polytechs Taken (today only): 22
Rate of Polytechs/lottery number: 1 per 29.5
Estimated Exhaustion: 827

Other Stats:
Stackwycks Available: 3 suites
RAHPs Available: 0
New: 20 female doubles
Colonie D: 13 singles
Colonie C: 30 singles
Colonie B: 15 singles
Colonie A: 8 singles
Nugent: 0
Davison: 0
Warren: 1 double
Sharp: 0
E-Complex: 2 of various sizes
North: 10 of various sizes
BARH: 12 of various sizes
Quad: 21, mostly singles

Our Stats:
Successful numbers: #122 chose Poly 304, #225 chose Poly 310, #231 chose Poly 316
Also, Lara is living in Poly 111, and the Crock 3 girls are living in Poly 319.

Floor Plan of Polytech:
Polytech Floor Plan