Stupichat Client 0.1

Okay, so I think I’ve hammered enough bugs out of Stupichat that its ready for some preliminary testing/chatting. Dropped connections on either end should now be handled properly, and neither client nor server maxes out the CPU (which is probably a good thing for a text-based chat program).

Stupichat Client 0.1 should connect to my server from anywhere on the RPI campus. First, the client will handshake with the server over port 555, then the server will assign you to your primary port in the 1000s range, and close the port 555 connection. From then, messages sent from any client are relayed back from the server to all clients. I hope to be able to add features and functionality to Stupichat without making many modifications to the client. For example, nickname changing and rudimentary slash commands are some of my early goals.

Stupichat Client:
Stupichat Client

Stupichat Server:
Stupichat Server

Stupichat Client Download:

Stupichat Client 0.1 Bug List:

  • Messages exceeding 256 chars cause an awesome overflow situation requiring termination of the client. Fixed in 0.2
  • Some redrawing issues during handshaking. Fixed in 0.2
  • Occasional crashes if server connection is lost and reconnect is attempted.
  • Client can become unresponsive after returning from a sleep state.

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