Summer Job

This summer, like last summer, I’m working at a little company called EDT. They design, manufacture, and sell PCI boards that allow you to connect your computer to various types of professional digital video cameras that are use in applications such as manufacturing, inspecting product, medical imaging, aerial photography, and security.

My first job this summer was to create and maintain their updated website. As you can see here, their current website needs a lot of work. My supervisor gave me a PSD with a design on it, and my job was to convert it into a fully fledged 100 page website. I finished up work on the project during my first week. You can see a preview here.

Now, I’m starting to get into real engineering. My second project is to update an existing addon card. The new card will be able to process data faster and more efficiently. I believe the addon card is used to allow current EDT boards to communicate via USB, but I’m not completely sure.

As the summer progresses, I’ll update more!

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