New Power Supply

On Monday I recieved my new power supply from Newegg. Prior to getting this new one, my computer had had stability issues when running 2 gigs of ram. Removing one of the stick temporarily fixed the problem, but I found that it made game performance sluggish. Now, with a new more capable power supply, I can return to 2 gigs of bliss.

Here’s a picture of my new PSU:
My new power supply, OCZ GameXStreme 600

It’s a OCZ GameXStream 600, which boasts about 125 more watts of power (600) than my previous power supply, the Rosewill RP 500. I gave my old power supply to a friend, who said it made his processor overheat. I’ll believe it when I see it! Regrettably, this new power supply is a bit noisier than my old one, but it gets the job done!

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