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First of all, I know this site is really old news. I probably first took the survey 3-4 years ago. However when I took it last week, I was a bit surprised by the results. Apparently, in the last couple years, I’ve grown more and more radical. I remember previously scoring a -1 Left and -2 Libertarian. Well, to my shock I now score a -6 Left -5.5 Libertarian!

Cuttlefish's Political Compass

I guess my high school education has pushed me farther and farther left! Exciting!

Dismaying though is this chart of the 2008 presidential nominee seekers.

2008 Presidential Primary candidates

Look at all thos democrats up in the I quadrant =(. At least Kucinich, Gravel, and I are chillin’ in the III quadrant. You can also quickly tell how unusual Ron Paul is, as he’s farther Libertarian than the core democrats.

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