Random fact(s) of the Day

Fact: The clock in my room is set an hour ahead.

Last time Daylight savings rolled around, I was too lazy to update my clock. And I still haven’t updated it. I’ve mostly gotten used to it, though I still ocassionallu freak out before school, as it appears that I’ll be quite late!

Fact: I have a large poster of Bush in my room.

When Mr. Cleveland retired at the end of last year, he had a stack of posters that he was giving away to students. Being the most political, I lay claim to the Bush poster. I inteded to give it to a friend, or burn it, or something like that. But when I got home I noticed a big bare spot on my wall. Now it hangs overlooking my bed so that every morning when I wake up and light my head, the first thing I see is our president. It’s quite humorous.

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