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More Obama Endorsements!

Friday, January 25th, 2008

In addition to my own endorsement, Obama now also is endorsed by the Brown and Black Zunes!

Zunes for Obama

Made by me for Woot’s newest photoshop contest.

Kucinich is out =(

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Well, Kucinich is going to announce later today that he has called it quits on his presidential campaign in order to focus on his reelection to Congress. While I didn’t expect Kucinich to drop out so soon (in fact, I lost 200 points on Politico’s KingMaker because of this), I understand his reasoning. I’d rather have him spend time campaigning at home for Congress than lose both races. Kucinich in any form of American politics makes me a happy Democrat.

With Kucinich out, CuttlefishTech now officially endorses Barack Obama. This means Barack now gets free advertising on my banner! Myspace Banner too! Yay!

Tomorrow I will wear a Black Armband, which will commemorate Kucinich’s withdrawal and my endorsement of Obama. I’ll make Tuesday another “All brown for Obama” day too!

In other news, Mike Gravel has recently been pursuing Kucinich’s bid to impeach Dick Cheney. Good going, Mike! This has earned you #2 on my Top 12 on Myspace =p