So, something happened this past week that tripled my Spam intake…

Up until this point, I didn’t use any junk mail filtering, because I never really had enough to warrant it. But this week began driving me crazy. Since I have my own email, something simple like junk mail filtering isn’t readily available. My webhost uses SpamAssassin, but apparently it hasn’t been updated in aeons and it was still only catching about 1/3rd of my spam. Which was quite annoying. And for some reason Outlook doesn’t like to filter email from IMAP hosts (which is the only way to check your email). So, I was left with few options.

I had previously been forwarding all my Gmail email to my address, but with the recent spam outbreak, I decided to switch and go the other way around. Now my forwards to my Gmail and gets filtered there. It makes virtually no difference to me, as I can rig Outlook to fetch spam from Gmail. It’s actually nicer, because I set up a whole bunch of IMAP folders that are filtered instantly by Google rather than by Outlook. The only problem I see is my current method of retrieving email at school may need to be updated (though on the plus side, anyone else that wants to check their Gmail at school will be able to). Oh, and there also seems to be a bit more latency, which is odd. Could just be Myspace is hella slow tonight.

Quoth Granma in Grapes of Wrath, “Pu-raise Gawd fur vittory!”

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