First of all, I have no idea who this artist actually is. So far, they’ve released two singles, and both have been exclusively available on Sirius Satellite Radio. They’re not available for purchase anywhere. Therefore, I recorded them off Sirius for my own enjoyment, and figured I’d post them here. They’ve both got a nice beat to them.

Links changed, see below!
Dandy – Because You Lied
Dandy – Tic Toc (Dandy Time)

Yes, I’m aware they’re missing the beginnings, this is because the Sirius DJs like to talk about how great these songs are before they play them. I did the best I could.

There’s a remix of “Because You Lied” that I really like, but Sirius hasn’t played it in a long time. When they do, I’ll try to post it here too.

F.Y.I., these are legal MP3s because they fall under the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 which permits the recording of radio broadcasts for personal use (IE, no selling!)


DJDom from Sound Dynamic retouched the mp3s, eliminating the background noise and fiddling with the intros a bit. Here are his versions:

Dandy – Because You Lied
Dandy – Tic Toc (Dandy Time)

The old files are still available here:

Dandy – Because You Lied
Dandy – Tic Toc (Dandy Time)

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  1. tbone Says:


  2. Gaz Says:

    Is there any way you could leave these as downloads for us? I can’t ever get them to play b/c they require RealPlayer.

  3. cuttlefish Says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by that, they’re just MP3s, they shouldn’t require Real Player. Right click, save as to download.

  4. DJDom's Says:

    Hi I have downloaded the 2 songs & I rework them fixing beginning & ends and removing hiss off Because you lied ,I would send it to your web sit if you would like me too, they sound a bit better ,but I dont know how to send them to you,Sirius should not play songs if they are not available for purchase , & reworking take time..let me know what you decide.

    DJDom’s Canada

  5. cuttlefish Says:

    Sure, I sent you an email.

  6. DJDom's Says:

    The 2 songs are on the way to you !



  7. DJ Dom's Says:

    Hi I have produce a extended version of Dandy Because you lied & Tic Toc ,I was to do a mix of both song in one but they have 2 different beat to them & would not sound that great ,Im still waiting on the remix of Because you lied so if you have it please i would appraciate a copy ..so let me know if you want to post to your site.

    sounddynamic (DJ Dom’s)
    Ontario Canada

  8. Firdaus Says:

    Thanks a lot !!!

  9. Kmeeray Says:

    Hi, I would like to have the remix of Because You Lied that play’s on Sirius The Beat, if you have it, please send it to me, thank you

  10. Matt Says:

    It’s funny because these are really really good songs, they could even make the top billboards. So in a way it is also sad because he signed a deal with Sirius and now barely anybody even knows who this is.

    I did a google search on Dandy and all sorts of combinations and still can’t find a biography on this artist.

  11. cuttlefish Says:

    Yeah, there was a rumor that it was a more famous artist doing a side project. They didn’t really want their music being released mainstream.

  12. H.H. Eaton Says:

    I have the s50 for Sirius. How did you record the song and upload to computer. I would like to do it for my own personal use as well. Thanks for the help.


  13. chris Says:

    I have a sirius S50 and was wondering how you were able to download the songs to your CPU. Would you please share the info so I can download my songs onto my cpu for personal use?

  14. cuttlefish Says:

    Chris, I sent you an email with the answer!

  15. julie Says:

    Thanks! This song is really hard to find!

  16. jason Says:

    hey. cant download the songs. Anyway you can email them to my address? I have been looking forever for these!!! thanks, jason

  17. Kelly Says:

    Hey Dude,
    Thanks a bunch, I’ve been looking for these for a while and they sound great.
    Good work man,

  18. Wasreallypissedoff Says:

    Thanks for leaving these, I looked everywhere for these two songs and couldn’t find anything except really bad copies! You guys ROCK!!!!

  19. rainbow child Says:

    Hi everybody.
    Let’s bring some light behind the mystery of Dandy, shall we? 😛

    DANDY is a project of Swedish star producer ANDREAS CARLSSON.

    It’s supposed to be some sort of musical being released 2008. The song “Because You Lied” is somehow already been played for over a year, never commercially released though.


    I had never heard of “Tic Toc” before, AWESOME!!!!

  20. rainbow child Says:

    (…Part 2…)

    The lead vocals are sung by the master himself, A.C.!
    The guy doing the background vocals & raps on “Tic Toc (Dandy Time)” is star producer & his ex-colleague from the hit factory CHEIRON in Sweden, HERBIE CRICHLOW (check: http://www.myspace.com/herbiecrichlowllc)

    Hope that helps! 😉
    /rainbow child

  21. DJ Doms (Canada) Says:

    Hi everyone ,Last time I came to this site was a year ago ,I never tought Dandy was still in the picture after all that time ,I Have produced 2 extended song from Dandy ,Because you lied & Tic Toc .

    Because you lied 4:14 Minutes long
    Tic Toc 4:16 minutes long

    Cuttlefish ,If you would like to post them to this site let me know I will send to You
    DJ Doms

  22. Herbie Crichlow Says:

    Holy Cow!! Cuttle you guys are awesome !! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water ….lol.
    Hope evryone enjoys whats is about to explode onto the set !! The Rise of DANDY has only just begun babay..



  23. Andrea Says:

    I NEED THIS SONG- Too bad I cant download it, can you send it to me via MP# to
    apug30@aol.com, send just Because You Lied to Me, the original and extended version would be great!
    Thanks so much!

  24. evanito Says:

    can you send me tic toc so that i can save it as an mp3

    i want the song on my ipod

  25. Evanito Says:

    How can i get tic toc so i can have it and put it in my ipod

  26. Ruddy Says:

    omg please send all 4 songs i luv em alot if possible as mp3s to rodito91@yahoo.com thanks 🙂

  27. Sandra Says:

    thanks, I love this!
    and it is Andreas Carlsson who is Dandy! 🙂

  28. Matt Says:

    You can download the origional Because You Lied on Sirius.com http://www.sirius.com/wo/mp3/siriushits1/Dandy_Because_You_Lied.mp3

  29. Jules Says:

    OMFG!!! Awesome…thank you!!!!!
    Is “Tic Toc” available for download aswell??????? 😀

  30. S. Says:

    The girl singing (Because You Lied) is a former member of the girlband Play.
    Her name is Janet Leon and was recently spotted in the Swedish version of Grease.

  31. A.C Says:

    here it is

  32. A.C Says:

    here is the soundcloud link –

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