Woot is an internet closeout store. Each day, they put up a different product at a bargain price. They sell the product until either A) it sells out or B) the day ends. I’ve picked up some sweet (or so I think!) deals on Woot over the last few weeks:

2 Sandisk 256 mb mp3 players @ $10 each
1 Philips GoGear 2 GB mp3 player @ $30
3 Audiovox DC to AC power (for a car) @ $10 each
1 Logitech Curve headphones (2 pack) @ $5

No matter how many or whatever you buy, shipping is always $5. They even come in cool boxes that say Woot! on the side.

One of the coolest elements of Woot is the Woot off. Once every couple months, Woot engages in a Woot off. In a Woot off, Woot posts a new item each time an item sells out (as opposed to once a day). This usually lasts for 24-48 hours. It’s really exciting. Some items only last a fraction of a minute, while other, more expensive items sit for hours.

2 Responses to “Woot!”

  1. Matt S. Says:

    Let me know if you get your stuff shipped to you 🙂 Sounds to good to be true.

  2. cuttlefish Says:

    I’ve already gotten the mp3 players, the others should get here this week!

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