My Math Situation

This year, I am not taking Math at my high school.


Because they don’t offer a math class at my level.

Last year, my Sophomore year, I took Calculus (AKA IB Math SL), meaning that I should be taking Calculus 2 this year. However, not enought kids signed up for the class, and it was cut. Since I intend on completing an IB Diploma, I need to have some sort of math credit. However, I was unable to test in my SL class last year because I was a Sophomore. Preferrably, I’d take Calculus 2 at PCC or PSU this year, and take the HL test, but no! I can’t take the HL test as a Junior either. So, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. One option is to take IB Math Studies SL, however I’ve heard that this class is so ridiculously basic that it would be an insult to my intelligence. So I’ll skip that. Another option is to just test in SL this year. However, my counselor hasn’t confirmed that I can even take the test without being in the class. I don’t see why not. But, I might be rusty if I’m not able to take classes at a college outside of school. Supposedly, HSD will pay for my college classes, but I doubt it. I lost faith in the HSD after the ACMA incident of 8th/9th grade.

Alas, why’d I have to skip 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade math and end up in this position.

(Little known fact, I actually repeated Pre-Algebra, once in 4th grade, once in 5th grade)

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