I’m an “asshole”

So, I recently found out that one of the WoW addons I had been using (Clearfont) was distributing the font Calibri. Calibri is one of the new 6 fonts releases by Microsoft, and as per U.S. copyright law, it is illegal to redistribute copyrighted fonts over the internet. I called the author out on this, and when he refused to take the addon down, I contacted the webmasters of the sites where he had his addon hosted. They pulled the mod and the font, and the author and some others left some rather scathing comments towards me:

Someone’s on a crusade against me, so when I get a little time, I’m going to upload a font-less version (likely tomorrow), until I can get another font sorted out. Can anyone suggest an alternative that’s very similar?

README! What’s happened to ClearFont?

You only need update the file ClearFont.lua for v11100-3 – it has a small update for 1.12.

Why? Well, someone felt the need to attempt to take me down because of the main font I’ve used.
To be perfectly honest, I very much doubt Microsoft care – however I won’t be supplying them any more, mostly because I don’t want to cause the UI site owners trouble.
In fact, all that this guy has currently managed is to piss off me, the 3 site owners and I rather suspect, you as well. (Congratulations)

So, all I’ve done is stick the ‘number font’ as the main font for now – of course, if you don’t copy over the fonts from this version, you can keep the proper ones! 🙂

If you don’t have a copy of the original font in the first place – try searching for ‘Calibri’ on the internet (or try and find a previous version of CF).
The font comes with the Office 2007 beta and the Windows Vista betas for example.

Who is the asshole that is harassing you?

Turnabout is fair play.

yea its BULL that someone did that lol the font is EVERYWHERE on the net and im sure MS dont and wouldnt give a rats ass if some people in wow are useing the font

MS didn’t come after me, someone else decided to try and take it into their own hands (nothing came of it, and I doubt MS care, but it was an annoyance for the UI site owners, so I decided this would be the best course of action). *sigh*

Oh the terror I’ve caused >=D

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