Archives: November 16th, 2009

Spring 2010 Schedule

Monday, November 16th, 2009

I just finished the registration process for Spring 2010. Five of the classes I was interested in taking were full, but I still ended up with a schedule I’m satisfied with.

I have absolutely no idea what “E-COMM, SOC. NETS, COLL INTEL” is, as it’s not in the course catalog. I assume it stands for something like “E-Commerce, Social Networks, and Collective Intelligence”, which sounds like something quite interesting. I’m worried though, as Das is teaching it, and Das was the culprit in my DSA shenanigans last Spring.

EDIT: Found the description for CSCI 4963, sounds awesome!

CSCI-4963/01 / 6963/01 E-Commerce, Social Networks, and Collective Intelligence CRNs 53143/53144
The internet has transformed how people interact with each other, lowering the cost of communication, and enabling us to rapidly both discover and pass on new information. This transformation has had major impacts in how we conduct market transactions (think of eBay, Orbitz, or Amazon), how we maintain our social personae (Facebook, Twitter), and how we accumulate and produce knowledge for consumption (Wikipedia, Yelp). This course will cover theoretical foundations of e-commerce and social networks, as well as focusing on practical aspects of understanding how the design of online venues affects the interactions of participants and the success of the venue.