Carothers Meets Carothers

Previously on CuttlefishTech, I printed out a giant poster of Dr. Carothers and hung it in my dorm room.

Today on CuttlefishTech, the poster of Dr. Carothers took a trip to DCC 318.

The poster was taped to the wall at approximately 11:50. There were several students in the class at the time who chuckled as I taped it up. Dr. Carothers arrived at around 12:02 and began teaching.

He handed back papers for quite a while.

I tried to get him to turn around by approaching from behind him to collect my paper, but I had no luck.

Class continued for about an hour before Carothers called for a 5 minute break. As he turned around to leave the classroom for a bit, he spotted it. He did a quick double take before looking back at the class smiling. The entire class burst into applause and cheers. He asked if it had been there the whole time, which it had, and he stated he quite liked it. He then asked if he could have it. “No!” I shouted, “That thing cost me $12!”. He remarked about how that was a lot of money to spend on him, and asked what I was going to do with it. “It’s going in my room!” I said, which caught him a bit off guard. He said something about what other types of things were in my room before looking at the poster again, smiling at the class, and then walking out of the classroom. When class resumed, he continued to stare at it from time to time.

I retrieved the poster at the end of class without incident or comment.

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