Signage Win in the Polytech Elevator

Upon returning from Blitman tonight, I rode the elevator up with our group and noticed this wonderfully descriptive sign.

Yeah, sure, I had noticed the elevator smelled like Urine for a couple weeks now, but it didn’t really click that it could actually be urine.

There was something about the sign that I found intriguing. Perhaps it was the dubious grammar and basic formatting. It screamed parody. And parody it did receive. The first installment was as follows:

It reads, “Attention: For every time someone posts signs in this elevator, it will be urinated in for the following 48 hours. -Thank you”. Note that the size, formatting, and line returns mimic the original piece. The sign didn’t last very long though, I called the elevator back about 5 minutes later to show someone, and it was already gone… I posted another, which vanished quickly too. A 3rd sign was later found crumpled on the floor when I returned to post my magnum opus.

The third sign, suggested by Jeff and completing the trifecta, reads “Attention: For every time someone shuts down this elevator, it will be posted in for the following 48 hours. -Thank you”.

While the grammar may be the most dubious yet, it was necessary to ensure the text fit on the appropriate lines.

Arrows were added to ensure that the viewer understands the infinite loop created by the signs. I’m sure my masterpiece is long gone by now. But it is immortalized in .jpg form here.

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