Jotting this down

Heard this on MSNBC and it made so much sense.

The President, who is a Republican and Conservative, vetoed the S-CHIP bill, which would have granted healthcare to 4 million currently uninsured children. S-CHIP would’ve been funded by an increase in the Tobacco tax. That’s right, the President vetoed a bill that would tax cigarettes and help poor kids. As horrible as it sounds, it’s also extremely ironic. The President and most Republicans are pro-life. They care about the life of unborn babies for (usually) religious reasons. Yet Bush vetoed a bill that would’ve saved 100s of sick, uninsured kids, instead condemning these sick kids to death. How can someone support life for babies, yet kill children? What is wrong with America?

In other news, I now like MSNBC. Farthest left of the cable networks? At least Olbermann is.

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