Archives: June 11th, 2007


Monday, June 11th, 2007

Well! I’ve finally switched browsers! After getting fed up of Firefox and its memory leaks, slow load times, and seemingly random crashes, I’ve moved on. For a while, I thought about going to Opera, but I think Opera is bloated. If only there were another nice, non-IE browser. Well now there is!

Apple has just recently released Safari for Windows! You can download it at

It’s really slick. It’s got the typical Mac brushed metal UI, and the nice rounded buttons. Most webpages load much faster than in Firefox, especially AJAX heavy sites like Gmail or Google Reader. It’s an altogether much more pleasant browsing experience, and for the moment, I’m glad I’ve switched! The only thing I miss about Firefox is the amount of plugins it supports, but for now the faster speeds and cleaner look outweigh this negative.

(Posted from Safari!)