Microsoft Habu

I recently upgraded from an aging MX510 to the Microsoft Habu and I
really like it. 2000 DPI is really nice. It glides much smoother than
my MX510 did, and its more comfortable. The blue LEDs looks sweet in
the dark. It’s like a Razer mouse, but it doesn’t look like crap! I
like being able to shift DPI, not-so-much for WoW, but it’s real nice
for First-Person shooters when you change from sniping to assault to

While the Habu uses Razer’s sensor, the Habu is a full hand mouse
(like the MX510/8), unlike the rest of the Razer mice. It feels roughly
like the MX510/8. It’s got this quirky feature where you can replace
the side buttons with a different set, moving the location of the
buttons, but the default is fine for me.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the scroll wheel. It’s not
very smooth, and no matter how much I change the settings in the Habu
Utility and Windows, it still can’t scroll very fast. Also, the mouse
took a little getting used to since the laser is located closer to the
rear of the mouse. But it feels natural to me to move around now.

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