Racing Seasons are beginning this weekend!

You’d probably never expect it, but I’m a big fan of auto racing. No, not that stupid NASCAR drama, true racing, like Formula 1 and Sports Car racing.

Formula 1

The Formula 1 season begins this weekend in Australia! Here’s some of my top picks for the season.

I’ve always been a big Raikkonen fan, and hopefully this year since he’s with Ferrari he can go for the cup!

I rooted for Massa last year as well, so hopefully he’ll continue to do well.

Last year I was a big Mclaren fan. With Alonso now on board, I have mixed feelings. I hope that Lewis Hamilton will do well for Mclaren, but I also hope that Alonso’s Mclaren breaks down during every race!

American LeMans
Ever since I was introduced to the idea of endurance sports car racing, I’ve been a big fan. I’ve been over to PIR to watch a couple races over the last few years, and I never fail to be impressed. It’s a shame that ALMS isn’t coming back to Portland this year =(.

The American LeMans season kicks off this weekend with the 12 Hours of Sebring, a nice reward for the end of a trimester of hard work!

Audi is going to run away with the LMP1 title, like always…

The LMP2 battle should be fun. I’m rooting for Andretti Green and Highcroft, though the Porsches will probably take the title.

Good luck to the Aston Martins in GT1 for 2007!

And finally, here’s hoping the Panoz teams can pull out at least one win against the Ferraris in GT2.

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