Laptop Died =(

My laptop died again (This is what… the 4th time?). After performing several “Clicks of Death” and having some weird HD issues, it finally bit the dust and refuesd to boot Windows. Luckily though, I had another laptop hard drive readily available. Unforetunately, it meant the end to my Compaq laptop. I didn’t have a copy of Windows for it either. But then I remembered! You can get a free evaluation copy of Windows Vista off the Microsoft site. I went ahead and installed Vista, and was up in running in about 45 minutes. Vista runs pretty good on such a slow laptop. It doesn’t have any of the eye candy or cool themes since this laptop runs on onboard graphics. But it still looks much prettier than XP. I’m still mournin the loss of the other drive, since it had tons of information on it that I needed (school projects, Outlook contacts, some website stuff). I’m still hoping i’ll be able to salvage the data off it somehow. Maybe it’ll randomly work eventually. But most likely not =(.

I updated the My Computers page to reflect the changes.

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